Dive kit for Tenerife

Dive kit

People have been asking me what dive kit they should bring to Tenerife next week. Good question! My thoughts are below. If you’re interested in Aqua Marina’s rental gear, they talk about it on their website (about halfway down the page).

None of the below is necessary, so if you don’t have it, don’t buy it for this trip. Everything on this list can be rented over there if you decide you need it.

You should definitely bring

  • Your computer and torch. They should both fit into your carry-on bag and you can leave your torch batteries at home if you’re really concerned about weight.
  • Your camera, if you absolutely insist.

Strongly consider

  • Your mask, if it fits you comfortably and doesn’t leak (and definitely bring it if it’s got prescription lenses). Box it up for travelling. Do you want to bring your snorkel? Go for it.
  • Your SMB. It’s light, it’ll go in your carry-on, and in the unlikely event that you get lost, it’ll cut down considerably on the amount of time you’re waiting to be found. I wouldn’t bother with the reel, though (see below); just deploy it on the surface.


  • Your regulator, if it’s a particularly good one and you’re diligent about getting it serivced regularly.
  • Your BCD, if (a) you’re strongly attached to it, (b) it has integrated weights and you use them (and the dive centre’s kit doesn’t), and (c) you can spare the baggage weight. If you’re XXL or bigger you should check with the dive centre to confirm that they have rental gear to fit you. Aqua Marina have BCDs up to XXL (I checked).
  • Your compass (if it’s not on your regulator console). We’ll be diving with guides but it’s still no harm to have a vague idea where you’re going.
  • Your line-cutter or knife. It’ll have to go into checked baggage but they don’t weigh much. My line-cutter weighs about 50 g and having it on me is reassuring.
  • Your slate, for noughts and crosses at 3 m.

Probably don’t bother with

  • Your fins, unless they’re super-amazing tech fins or weird split fins and you can’t imagine using anything else. Otherwise, fins are basically just heavy bits of plastic that strap to your feet.
  • Your hood and gloves, at least where we’re going.
  • Your reel (even if you’re bringing an SMB).


  • Your wetsuit. I know, you love your suit, but suits are heavy when they’re dry and heavier when they’re wet and are pretty interchangeable. Again, if you’re XXL or bigger you might check with the dive centre first. Aqua Marina have suits up to XXXL.
  • Your weights and weight belt (but if your BCD has integrated pouches, then bring them, obviously).


EPIRBs, rattles, and so on: sure, whatever; I have no opinion.