Trainee diving in Oysterhaven, 21/22 February

We’ll be doing some training dives in Oysterhaven over the weekend of 21–24 February. Oysterhaven is only about 35 minutes’ drive from the city centre so we’ll be able to drive down and back each day. The beach is fairly sheltered, so we should be OK unless the weather is really terrible, and there are plenty of hermit crabs and anemones to look at while you’re underwater.

New divers

This is a training weekend, so of course new trainees are welcome. You must

  1. be fully paid up (CFT membership and club equipment levy),
  2. have completed your medical,
  3. have passed your pool snorkel test, and
  4. have completed the pool scuba training.

The number of trainees we can bring will depend on how many instructors are available (I’ll be finding this out over the next few days). If you’re available and you meet the criteria above, send me an email ( and I’ll put you on the list. Let me know if you are available on one day or both.

Costs and lifts

The diving itself won’t cost anything, but you’ll need to bring a packed lunch. If you have transport and can give lifts to other people, please let me know. If you need a lift, let me know.

Qualified divers

You know the score. Come along and get wet or just meet us in the pub later.

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