Trainee diving, 10-11 January 2015

Apologies for the late notice, folks: the first trainee diving of 2015 will take place over the weekend of Saturday 10 – Sunday 11 January 11 January in Portroe Quarry, Tipperary. We’ll be diving on both days and staying in the Lake House, Dromineer on Saturday night. We will, as normal, be meeting to pack gear on the evening of Friday 9 January before travelling up the following morning. This is mainly a training weekend, although all are welcome; details for new and returning divers are separated below.

New divers

We want to bring as many uncertified trainees with us as possible; this is what this weekend is about. Obviously, we are constrained by the number of available instructors. At time of writing, we have 1 instructor on Saturday and 3 instructors on Sunday available. This means that we can accommodate at most 4 trainees over the weekend. You will need to be able to commit to travelling from Cork to Tipperary early on Saturday morning and returning to Cork late(ish) on Sunday evening. If you can commit to this, then (barring unforeseen circumstances) you should be a certified CMAS Diver * when you return to Cork on Sunday evening.

You should have completed your CFT medical assessment before you travel up. If you haven’t done so already, contact our steam-powered DO to get this sorted.

I am currently negotiating prices with our regular accommodation in Tipperary, but you can expect costs to run as follows:

  • €30/day for bed and breakfast in Dromineer;
  • €20/day for diving in Portroe Dive Centre; and
  • €5 as a one-off registration fee for joining Portroe as a diver.

I haven’t sorted out dinner yet but we usually come to some agreement with our accommodation. As a ballpark figure, you are looking at about €95 for the weekend all told (alcohol, as always, excepted).

I know that this isn’t cheap, but it is a chance to get yourself certified before the spring season starts. For the record, your instructors will be paying exactly the same as you for the privilege of teaching you how to dive.

If you have read this far, and you are ready, willing, and committed, then email to secure a place, and I will move heaven and earth to make this happen.

Qualified divers

Qualified divers are welcome, as always — particularly if you can offer transport to and from Portroe. You know the score (if you don’t, see above). You will need to make sure that you are registered with CFT and medicalled-up (as always, contact the DO to get this sorted if it isn’t already). I need to know when you’re travelling and if you can bring people with you. Pay it forward, folks.

As always, questions to the usual address.