After discussing it, we’ve decided to break up the deadline for payments. €235 is a lot for people to put together at short notice (apparently there’s a recession on), so we’re OK to take money in instalments. Here is what we need, when we need it, and how to get it to us:

What and when

€135 for snorkelling gear and log book by Tuesday 9 October;
€50 for CFT membership by Tuesday 30 October;
€50 for the equipment levy by Tuesday 20 November.

These are the latest dates we can reasonably manage. We need to place the order for snorkelling gear and log books by Wednesday 10 October so that the gear will arrive in time to start doing in-water instruction, so our hands are tied here. We’ll need the CFT membership in order to insure you for the weekend away to Baltimore, and the equipment levy before we travel to the NMCI.

You are welcome to pay the full whack up-front if that’s more convenient for you, of course.

How to pay

There are three ways to pay, listed below in descending order of convenience (from my point of view, anyway).

  • By cash or cheque (made out to “UCC Subaqua Club”) at the P.E. Office, located in Ferry Lodge, close to the Mardyke Arena and marked on this Google Map:
  • By lodging it directly into the UCC Clubs account using the details below. If you do this, it is extremely important to reference the subaqua club when making the lodgement. It’s one big account that all the clubs use, so if you don’t specify Subaqua when putting the money in, it will float around until either we sort it out or Rugby (or, God forbid, Rowing) claim it. For safety’s sake, consider emailing me when you’ve made the lodgement.
    • Bank: Bank of Ireland
    • Name: UCC Clubs Account
    • Sort code: 90 96 95
    • Account number: 79337705
    • By cash or cheque (as above) in person at one of the lectures.

I don’t want the issue of money to be more of a problem for people than it absolutely has to be. The €135 is non-negotiable — we simply have to get the equipment for you in time to start training — but if you have some sort of issue with the subsequent dates, please email me and we’ll do our best to come to some arrangement.

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