Diving and snorkelling in Lough Hyne, 2–4 November

We’ll be travelling to Baltimore at the start of next month for our annual trainee snorkelling and diving weekend. We’ll be staying in Baltimore and diving Lough Hyne, Ireland’s first marine reserve and site of major scientific significance and interest.

Attendance at the weekend isn’t compulsory, but is highly recommended, particularly for trainee divers and new members of the club. Logging a number of snorkels is a mandatory part of diving training, and Lough Hyne is an excellent place to do so. Intending divers should pay particular attention to the section on diving permits.

We’ll be travelling down to Baltimore on Friday evening (2 Nov) and returning to Cork on Sunday afternoon (4 Nov). We’ll be bringing a jeep full of equipment to and from Baltimore, and you’ll need to be available on the Thursday evening and the Sunday evening for around an hour to pick out a set of club gear and help load up.

This weekend is always good fun. Lough Hyne is one of the most beautiful spots in Cork, the Murphy’s in Baltimore is excellent, and coming down is a good way to get to know the people you’ll be diving with for the next few years.


Accommodation and food will set you back €30 a day (which will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the last cooked by one of our resident gourmet chefs). Snorkelling will be free; shore dives will cost €7 each (to cover the cost of getting tank fills from the local dive shop); boat dives will cost somewhere between €10 and €15 (depending on how much petrol we burn through).


This weekend has always filled up quickly, so you need to secure a place with a deposit of €30. You can pay your deposit by calling in to the PE Office or by direct lodgement into the Clubs account (details in this post).


The snorkelling in Lough Hyne can be excellent, and is always better (and less weather-dependent) than snorkelling in local spots near Cork.

Diving permits

Diving in Lough Hyne is limited to certified divers and requires a permit (which is free). If you are intending to dive, you need to download the permit application and fill it in. Applications are submitted electronically. You can either complete the application form in Microsoft Word or print it out, fill it in by pen and scan it back in; do whichever is easiest for you. Note that the form requires your signature on both pages 2 and 3.

When you’ve completed the permit application, email it to me.

The deadline for submitting permit applications is 17.00 on Wednesday 24 October. This is a hard deadline set by the Department of the Environment, so don’t put it off. Permits are free, so you lose nothing by submitting an application if you think there’s any chance that you might be available for the weekend.

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