Annual Inventory

The club’s annual inventory will take place this year on Thursday the 8th of November at 6pm. At the inventory, we will hopefully be able to get an accurate picture of what gear we have, it’s state of repair and what we need to look into repairing/replacing.

This is an important activity and I hope that as many members as possible will come along to help out. It would be particularly beneficial (and appreciated) if newer members participated in this inventory as it serves as a great introduction to the gear we use and how it is stored and maintained. This is especially useful before you undertake the initial pool scuba training in the NMCI at the end of November. It’s also a nice way to get to know some of the older members of the club.

If loyalty to your club and being social aren’t enough reasons to persuade you to go, there should be free pizza (and maybe alcohol).


Snorkel training postponed

The snorkel training in the Mardyke will not begin until next Tuesday 22nd October. This is because our gear supplier has not yet received the booties. We should have all the gear by next week. Anyone who has not yet completed their pool fitness test must do so tomorrow night (the 16th) after the lectures. Please let us know if you not yet done your pool test. We will only arrange this for tomorrow if people let us know we need to.

Cheers, James

Diving and snorkelling in Lough Hyne, 2–4 November

We’ll be travelling to Baltimore at the start of next month for our annual trainee snorkelling and diving weekend. We’ll be staying in Baltimore and diving Lough Hyne, Ireland’s first marine reserve and site of major scientific significance and interest.

Attendance at the weekend isn’t compulsory, but is highly recommended, particularly for trainee divers and new members of the club. Logging a number of snorkels is a mandatory part of diving training, and Lough Hyne is an excellent place to do so. Intending divers should pay particular attention to the section on diving permits. Continue reading


After discussing it, we’ve decided to break up the deadline for payments. €235 is a lot for people to put together at short notice (apparently there’s a recession on), so we’re OK to take money in instalments. Here is what we need, when we need it, and how to get it to us: Continue reading


Greetings to all new divers.

Our information night is on Tuesday 2 October at 20.00 in Boole 1.

Lectures for new divers start on Tuesday 9 October at 20.00 in Electrical Engineering 2.

Important documents are available here.